Even Patrick McStay Knows Mike Was Involved In Murders

(Thanks to Rose for sending to this me, I had forgotten I posted it last year)
For the past four years or so, Patrick McStay has supported his son Mike, unconditionally. Anytime anyone accuses Mike of any sin, Patrick unleashes the kind of hell that only Patrick can. Well, it wasn’t always like that.  Over the summer of 2011, when I was working on the first edition of the book with Patrick Mcstay, I was about to interview Mike McStay and had a number of questions for him. (Patrick knew his son was dirty and had told me so on many occasions.) So, I asked Patrick if he had any questions he wanted me to ask his son. He said he did, and sent me these 24 questions, with strict instructions to not tell Mike they came from him.

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Who Killed The McStay Family? Mike McStay

border parking lot2I can now prove, conclusively, that Mike McStay and Chase Merritt parked the Trooper at this parking lot on Monday, February, 8, 2010. Irrefutable proof.  I will be forwarding this proof to John Gaffney, the lead detective on the case at the San Bernardino Sheriff’s Department. I did not see Mike McStay kill his brother and family, but if I can prove that he (and Chase) parked the Trooper at the lot on Monday, what does that mean?

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Still More Incriminating Evidence Against Mike McStay

From: Patrick McStay <pmcstay@sbcglobal.net>

Subject: Re: Robert Winter

Date: August 14, 2011 10:26:40 PM EDT

To: cburtt1@roadrunner.com, Rick Baker <rglennbaker@mac.com>

Cc: Gina Watson <coralinezmommy@gmail.com>

No I can’t. I have no idea what this guy is up too. I don’t want to believe it or even think it, but I almost believe Michael has something to do with it.

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More Incriminating Evidence Against Mike McStay

On Aug 25, 2011, at 3:39 PM, Patrick McStay <pmcstay@sbcglobal.net> wrote:

This is what I think is going on, I feel like posting it on my FB and removing the names other than Winter. What do both of you think?

Debbie hacked Gina’s email account and finds talk of the book and a foundation. She is then caught and Gina warns he that the FBI is investigating or Debbie talks with Michael, who’s Aunt warned him that the FBI was investigating the hacking of his Dad’s and a friends email accounts and if he knows anything he could be in trouble.

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Question From A Reader

(Received this email today, thought I’d post here so our readers can discuss and answer her questions.)

From TC:

Thank you for more than 6 years of leading me through a confusing and horrific case. You have done so with integrity and it seems the rough spots just strengthen your resolve.

I check for updates every day and enjoy the comments of this particular group of posters as they seem to sometimes echo what I’m thinking. I am a listener and have just lately had a question no one has asked. I hope you and they will comment.
What made the killer snap? Rage or fear?

Also, out of the cast of characters we are all familiar with, who has the physical strength, the darkest heart and soul and the attention to detail required to pull it all off.

I’m thinking money wasn’t the reason and it didn’t happen at the house.

How To Talk Out of Both Sides of My Mouth: Mike McStay

1. “Summer is very intelligent, very educated, a heck of a mom” yet…

“I deleted all pictures of Summer from my brother’s Facebook account.”

2. “I love my brother we were tight, I didn’t do it I don’t want his business.” yet…

“In official bank loan documents I lied and said I owned my brother’s business and made $10,000 a month off it to get a fraudulent loan. But it wasn’t until they went missing that I got serious about taking over.”

3. “You can see the whole family getting into the Trooper, they were actually going out to eat.”  but…

You can’t see anyone getting in the Trooper, or even know for sure it is the Trooper.

4. “Chase has a white truck.” and…

“I also have a white truck.”

5. “Whoever dug those trenches has local knowledge.” and…

“I dig trenches for a living.”

(Posted by Agent 99)

Prosecutor’s “Proof” Doesn’t Add Up

By Agent 99:

This is the Prosecutor’s proof the McStay family died in the home and were buried in the desert on the 6th:

1. Joseph was wrapped in the home futon cover.

2. Summer had a horizonal paint drip on her bra.

3. Chase’s phone pinged near the gravesite on the 6th.

This is what they are not saying:

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What if Joey Never Met Chase At Chick-fil-A as He has Claimed?

This was sent from one of our case investigators today. Is very interesting!

Unless something is missing in Joey’s call records something went wrong after that 1:01pm on February 4, 2010. We don’t know where that call pinged, he could have still been in Fallbrook. What if there never was a meeting and something happened much earlier in the day?

Look at these pictures of the Trooper and the car seats…

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